Fight The Wind

Life can certainly be scary. However it does not have to stay that way. If we consider the many lessons the Holy Bible teaches about faith versus fear and let God work through us through Christ we will see God desires us to enjoy a godly boldness no matter what we face. Above all, He wants us to completely trust Him, which was what He was trying to get a certain king of Judah to do.
Fight The Wind
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While some, perhaps, muse that it must be great to be a king, many a king throughout history had gone through some horrible times. As mentioned in another article, sometimes we ask for trouble and sometimes we do not. Ahaz, king of Judah, sadly was one of those that asked for trouble.

About 190 years before Ahaz became king {1} the nation of Israel had split into two nations, the southern one being referred to as Judah, with its capitol as Jerusalem. Samaria was the capitol of the northern kingdom referred to as Israel. There was a brief period of

civil war, then even a period of “working together,” especially under Jehoshaphat about 100 years before Ahaz became king. At some point in his short reign Syria (Aram) and Israel had teamed up against Judah, placing it under siege. 

It could very well be that Ahaz had “asked” for this trouble. We read the following from 2 Kings 16:2-4-- “Twenty years old was Ahaz when he began to reign, and reigned sixteen years in Jerusalem, and did not that which was right in the sight of YHVH his God, like David his father. 3  But he walked in the way of the kings of Israel, yea, and made his son to pass through the fire, according to the abominations of the heathen, whom YHVH cast out from before the children of Israel. 4  And he sacrificed and burnt incense in the high places, and on the hills, and under every green tree.”

Most hideous to me is that Ahaz made his son to “pass through the fire.” That means Ahaz had worshiped the Canaanite god Molech. Some figures of Molech were made out of metal and were hollow inside. Arms curving upward extended from the mouth of the image. A raging fire would be kindled within the idol. A worshiper would then take one of their children, place him alive upon the idol’s arms, and let the screaming child roll down into the fiery idol. The victim’s screams would be drowned out by loud music, which sort of reminds me how many pro-abortionist do their best to cancel and counteract the saving truth of the pro-life movement. 

Ahaz was indeed wicked and surely hated by God’s soul, but also God loves everyone and wants them to turn to Him. So, when confronted by two nations that would overthrow Judah, God reached out to Ahaz to get Ahaz to repent and trust Him. In Isaiah 7:1-9 we read God sent Isaiah the prophet to him.

 And it came to pass in the days of Ahaz the son of Jotham, the son of Uzziah, king of Judah, that Rezin the king of Syria, and Pekah the son of Remaliah, king of Israel, went up toward Jerusalem to war against it, but could not prevail against it. 2  And it was told the house of David, saying, Syria is confederate with Ephraim. And his heart was moved, and the heart of his people, as the trees of the forest are moved with the wind. 3  Then said YHVH to Isaiah, Go forth now to meet Ahaz, you, and Shearjashub your son, at the end of the conduit of the upper pool in the highway of the fuller’s field; 4  And say to him, Take heed, and be quiet; fear not, neither be fainthearted for the two tails of these smoking firebrands, for the fierce anger of Rezin with Syria, and of the son of Remaliah. 5  Because Syria, Ephraim, and the son of Remaliah, have taken evil counsel against you, saying, 6  Let us go up against Judah, and trouble it, and let us conquer it for ourselves and set a king in the midst of it, even the son of Tabeal: 7  Thus says the Lord GOD, It shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass. 8  For the head of Syria is Damascus, and the head of Damascus is Rezin; and within sixty and five years shall Ephraim be broken, that it be not a people. 9  And the head of Ephraim is Samaria, and the head of Samaria is Remaliah’s son. If you will not believe, surely you shall not be established.

You or I might not be pitted against a nation, but the forces of the world, which are often likened to wind in the Word of God, try to make us cave in, especially if we have made Christ our Savior and Lord. Doing things their way often seems to be the easy way out. For example, I know an able bodied man who was encouraged by the U.S. government to go on disability and he took the bait which came in the form of money and drugs (medication). Others bow down to the ungodly demands of an employer or doing what their friends want them to do.

Though Isaiah’s prophecy as recorded in Isaiah 7 was aimed at Ahaz, it will benefit us too, as other Holy Scriptures do, if we take heed to it in the form of action that glorifies God. Let us look at Isaiah 7:1-9 in the following four perspectives.

I. The Wind of the World 1-2, 5-6, 8-9b

“Trees" and “wind" are two keywords in this passage. While at times trees can represent a nation in the Holy Bible they can also represent individuals, and quite often those who have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit of God. Isaiah 61:1-3 is an example of that. The “wind” sometimes speaks of the influence of the world.

The wind of the world has become more hefty in the past few decades. There is hardly a country on earth where Christians are not persecuted. I have seen drastic changes in the United States in the past sixty years. And, in more recent years, the world has become very hypersensitive. Also, there is the usual pressure by the world to make a Christian conform to the world’s standards. The wind of the world is even so bold as to interpret the Holy Bible and define God for us. They have created a pseudo-Jesus that tolerates sin and never got angry.

It can get scarey at times. One can lose their job, home, business, friends, and even their family. But those that name the holy Name of Christ must be like a very strong tree, firmly planted by the rivers of water (Psalm 1:3). Our greatest treasure, our closest love, must be Christ Himself, and nothing can ever take Him away from us.

In verses 5 to 6 we see this pressure from the world can be very restrictive. There are three things particularly mentioned in verse 6: “Let us go up against Judah, and vex it, and let us make a breach therein for us, and set a king in the midst of it, even the son of Tabeal.” Devotionally there is a progression here starting with trouble which would invite a compromise and once a compromise is made there will be a definite effort to dethrone Christ as king in the heart of the victim.

Satan coupled with the forces of the world tries to get the godly and near-godly to relax or even give up their godly standards. Some examples are encouraging a Christian to be slack in their work while on a job, having a friendly drink of alcohol, and giving an “innocent” kiss to someone that is not married to them. Some married Christians are encouraged to place themselves in questionable and even risky positions by going on business trips, having dinner appointments, and even sleeping in the same room with someone other than their spouse. If this “encouragement” is ignore then the force increases to coercion, to mockery, and sometimes to threats small and big (respectively like not speaking to the victim to causing lost of employment). 

Once compromise occurs an in-road to a person’s

heart is laid in an attempt to dethrone Christ as King. Tabeel, the name mentioned in this verse, means “God is good.” {2} Well, that sounds nice, but the son of Tabeel would be a Samaritan and unrelated to the house of David to whom God said there would always be before Him a king that would rule God’s people. Since the son of Tabeel would be from an idolatrous nation, devotionally this would speak to us that the world often tries to set up a pseudo-Jesus that is ungodly “good” to the sinful soul of person in that it encourages one to indulge in their sinful desires. However, when Christ is truly King in our life we realize that God is good because He gives to us the wholeness, soundness, of holiness.

Verses 8 to 9 point out that no matter where the forceful wind comes from, whether some who are “great” or some not so great, it comes by the agency of mere men. In the light of eternity they are temporarily here, like all of us. Our head should be Christ alone. Indeed we will encounter all sorts of persecution for being rooted in Christ but, again, as Psalm 1:3 states we need to be like a tree that is planted by the rivers of water.

II. The Wisdom 3-4

In instructing Ahaz by the Holy Spirit Isaiah is told to bring his son, Shearjashub, with him. Shearjashub means “a remnant shall return,” a possible indicator to Ahaz that no matter what happens God keeps His promises and He should be trusted.

“Take heed” in the Hebrew gives the sense of being on guard. Along with the written Word of God true disciples in Christ have the direction of the Holy Spirit and and the life of Christ within to help them be alert. God through Isaiah told Ahaz, and tells us, to be quiet. If we are not quiet we are less apt to hear from God and discern danger. We also have quiet as we find His peace in doing His will. And fear, except for fear of God, disables us and is contrary to faith. If someone truly knows Christ they are to cast out fear and use Christ’s faith through themselves.

III. The Win 7

In history, Ahaz’s Judah did not fall to Syria and no Samaritan king dethroned him. If we read past our portion by the God by the Holy Spirit declared through Isaiah the prophet that within a short time both these enemies of Judah would soon be no more. That also came to pass.

Verse 7 brings assurance to the true believer in the fact that God has foreknowledge and will inform those He chooses to inform what will happen if He so chooses to reveal it. It also speaks to the point throughout Holy Scripture that God is sovereign. It should also bring us to the realization that we need to choose to be on His side and to meekly go along with His decisions.

God has already forewarned us in numerous passages of what the world is going through today and at the same time has given many assurances in His Word that He will never forsake those that trust in Him through Christ. He also clearly shows that He will win.

Right now the world is being harassed by extremists like Hamas, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, and ISIL. But given the fact that the framework for Joel 3:1-2 is in place in that there is both a United Nations and Israel, along with many other factors, points to the prophetical truth that Christ will soon return. When He does, He will rule on earth for a thousand years (Revelation 20). So despite the international and domestic turbulence those deeply rooted in Christ can peacefully rest in the promises of God to them and His timing for Christ’s Kingdom to dominate the earth.

IV. The Warning 9c-d

“If you will not believe, Surely you shall not be established.”

Before that sentence above there is a lesson that was given to us in that we must not trust feeble man who will pass away, but trust God alone. This lesson is repeated past the text currently under our consideration.

By the Holy Spirit Ahaz receives a stern warning: Believe, or be defeated. As stated many times before, the belief sanctioned by the Word of God as pleasing God is not a mere head belief or a child’s game of make believe. The belief expected from us is trusting God and His Word to the extent we follow through and with a desire to obey Him no matter what the cost.

Trial after trial comes upon each true Christian as they walk with God through Christ and each step forward one takes makes them stronger in Him. Disciples must, for the love and glory of God, fight the wind of the world and advance toward Christ the Author and Finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:1-2).

Beyond this account is the prophecy of Immanuel, the One we can really trust. Most people know Immanuel means “God with us,” and thus the reason why Christ was given the common first name of Jesus (Yeshua / Joshua) which means YHVH is salvation. With Him, and only Him, we can fight the wind and win.


{1} Wood, Leon: A Survey Of Israel’s History (Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids Michigan: 1971) p- Chronological Chart

{2} From an electronic version of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance by James Strong incorporated in the Online Bible program, and so throughout the article whenever the ancient language is referred to and no other authority is cited.

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