Get Into The Godly Habit Of Studying God’s Word

Sadly and surprisingly many who name the Name of Christ and have a Holy Bible hardly use it. Many of those that do use it do not study it. However the Word of God is very clear that there are many benefits of studying the Word and putting it into practice.
Get Into The Godly Habit Of Studying God’s Word
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For too many the Holy Bible is "just another book," if it gets to be rated even that high. But when one truly makes Christ their Savior and Lord all of a sudden it comes to life! While some "really get into it," others ignore it or leave it up to others to tell them what is in it and even teach them. This is not God's intent.

There is a treasure trove of blessings for those that read and study the Holy Bible, and even more benefits as they put into practice by the power of the Holy Spirit (Ghost)

what they have read. Throughout the Holy Bible we are encouraged to read, study, and put into practice His Word. In Psalm 119:97 we will see four directives to activate the blessings of God's Word in our life.

I. Love It, 97

"O how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day."

Wilson [1] states that the Hebrew word translated here as "love" compares somewhat to the broad usage of the English word "love." Among other things it can mean to earnestly desire and “...implies ardent and vehement inclination of the mind, at the same time tenderness and fulness of affection ... .” As you can see, those definitions certainly support the first six words of verse 97 as it appears in the New American Standard Bible.

A real Christian should truly love the Word of God. If there is a problem, they should tell God and ask for His help. When I first came to Christ I did not have much problem with the New Testament, but I told God I found the Old Testament (OT) boring and hard to understand. I knew that I should not keep that attitude, so I asked Him to help me like it, and He most certainly did! The OT soon became alive, understandable, and enjoyable.

And think about the fact this Psalm was written centuries before Christ and before the New Testament was written. If someone millenia ago could love the Jewish Law without the benefit of the New Testament and the full blessings of Christ, how much more should a real Christian today love the entire Holy Bible! One reason among many as to why I love the Holy Bible is because it has the answers and directives on how to live and what standards to have. No more guess work for me!

The Holy Spirit directed the psalmist to use an uncommon word for "meditation." It is used only three times in the OT. The first occurrence is in Job 15:4 where it is translated as prayer. The other two occurrences are in Psalm 119 occurring in this verse and also verse 99. Since it has a connection with the term "prayer" I have to think of how a brother Evans said that prayer was like breathing to a true Christian. As long as we physically live we do not stop breathing. As long as we spiritually live we should not stop meditating about and upon the Word of God.

"All the day" supports that thought. True Christians get to a point where they will continually think about and meditate upon the  written Word of God. Strong [2] states the word meditation here means "... musing, study (of object)." It is apparent that studying the Word of God is a godly habit that every Christian should have.

Before we leave this point it needs to be said that we must study the true written Word of God, not some version, paraphrase or so-called translation that does not present the true meaning of the ancient texts. It is to be remembered that the original writings of the Word of God were written first in Hebrew for much of the the Old Testament, then Aramaic, and then Greek for most of the New Testament. Use a translation that most accurately reflects the context of those texts. For more information please see “Holy Bibles Good And Bad” [3].

II. Let It Lift You Up, 98-100

"Your commandments make me wiser than my enemies, For they are ever mine. 99 I have more insight than all my teachers, For Your testimonies are my meditation. 100 I understand more than the aged, Because I have observed Your precepts."

There is knowledge and wisdom that the unredeemed will never have. While the world has its knowledge and wisdom, some of which is helpful, the knowledge and wisdom offered to us by God is far more spiritually profitable in this life and leads to Eternal Life. "Your commandments" speak to the fact that the Word of God is exactly that, the very Word of God, and in John 5:39 Jesus Christ declared that the OT Scriptures testified of Him. When someone receives Christ as their Lord He actually resides within by the Holy Ghost and is able to guide the believer in studying the Holy Scriptures which then "come alive" because of the witness of Christ within.

This activates godly wisdom and knowledge, and coupled with the fact that Christ dwells within the believer, the disciple is then wiser than any of the unsaved. Three groups are mentioned in verses 98 to 100, viz., "my enemies," "my teachers," and "the aged (or ancients)." First, the Christian's enemies would be from the world system. The contingency is "they (Your commandments) are ever mine" or as the Jewish Publication Society has it, " for they are ever with me." His Word needs to be continually in our heart and mind.

The Saul Alinskys of this world attempt to trap Christians with their own Holy Scriptures. However, when a true Christian knows more about the content of the Holy Bible than these street scholars, directed by the Holy Spirit they can out-maneuver them (John 3:8). Remember the Lord's answer when questioned about paying taxes (Matthew 22:17-21)? Christ's Spirit-directed savvy is in each true Christian. The more we know the written Word and the more that we obey His Spirit in other matters we will be well able to speak as He would. Also see Matthew 10:19-20.

After his enemies the psalmist is then led by the Holy Spirit to say "my teachers," declaring he has more insight than they do because God's testimonies are his meditation (same word mentioned above in regard to verse 97). While God does use human teachers in the Body of Christ, Christ Himself by His Holy Ghost is to be our main teacher (John 16:13, 1 John 2:27) and, again, the more we know the written Word of God the better off we will be.

Each human teacher is just that: human. Each makes mistakes. And a godly teacher will admit to you that he is still learning. Sadly, though, in the Body of Christ there are many who teach that do not know the Holy Scriptures like they should. As a result they present an unbalanced message. Some go by the whim of the world and hardly mention sin. To them the Gospel is mainly about miracles and healing. They grapple with the symptoms of the sin nature and not the sin itself.

Then there are the false teachers. There are many of those and they usually attract a large following. The religious cults are bad enough, but there are also those who say they are Christian but push the "prosperity gospel," "universal salvation," cheap grace [4], shepherdism, ultra positive confession, no hell, and more. There are many who declare that God is a loving God but fail to mention His awesome holiness and His demand for perfection (which can only be met in Christ).

Because he observed (kept) God's precepts the psalmist states he understood more than the aged. This reminds me of Job's three friends who intended to comfort Job but actually accused him of sins and shortcomings.

During the discourse Job eventually defended himself more than expressing trust in God. Finally Elihu, a young man, spoke up and said (Job 32:7-9), "I thought age should speak, And increased years should teach wisdom. 8 But it is a spirit in man, And the breath of the Almighty gives them understanding. 9 The abundant in years may not be wise, Nor may elders understand justice." The key to having true knowledge and wisdom is not age or human education, but a personal knowledge of God through Jesus Christ and loving, faithful obedience to His written and spoken Word.

Also, logically, as we read the entire Holy Bible we see that the teachings and wisdom of Christ is far superior to any of the ancients. Concerning Himself, while ministering physically on earth He said that "a greater than Solomon is here" (Matthew 12:42). We may be well assured that Christ, Who is God in the flesh, is far more wiser than anyone else presently, or in the past or in the future.

III. Learn From Its Author, 101-102

“I have restrained my feet from every evil way, That I may keep Your word. 102 I have not turned aside from Your ordinances, For You Yourself have taught me.”

It is good for us to immediately focus upon the last clause of verse 102 so we know how we are able to do as the psalmist does in regard to godly living. The key is, “For You Yourself have taught me.” It bears repeating that when one truly turns to Christ and dedicates their life to God through Him Christ actually dwells within that person. He opens their heart and mind to the Holy Scriptures and leads them by His precious Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ on our inside by His Holy Ghost according to the written Word will train you to  restrain your feet from every evil way and keep His word (keep includes the idea of doing). As we spiritually walk within and with Christ we will not depart from His judgments. He trains us by having us go through every day experiences, challenges, and problems.

This reminds me of the time when I was trained to be an Emergency Medical Technician. Indeed, I had to read and study a textbook and sit in class and listen to the instructor. While that was required it was also required that I practiced what I had learned. When I upgraded to Cardiac Rescue Technician I had to do “practicals” at local hospitals. Even after being licensed I had to continue my education. This was important in order to help people and even save lives. Such learning, preparation and practice is even more important in the spiritual realm!

IV. Live It, 103-104

“How sweet are Your words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth! 104 From Your precepts I get understanding; Therefore I hate every false way.”

A true disciple of Christ will find the Word of God very sweet because Christ Himself is sweet. The first sweet thing I sensed about the Holy Bible is that it was God’s unchanging standard, something everyone could follow if they would only be willing to leave go of their sin and follow the Savior as their Lord and King. There is also much comfort in the written Word whether we are facing personal problems or see the dark clouds of the future on the horizon.

And, just like honey can perk up the mind of someone that is famished, so the Word of God can give anyone the strength they need to press on through any matter and give glory to God. As we continue to enjoy our feast in His Word we realize that the world we were once in contains spiritual poison and we now have a dislike for the things of this world.

As we grow in Him we learn to discern and decide as God would have us to do. Our eyes become opened to the spiritual realm and we realize that some of the things that we once did and thought were alright to do were actually displeasing to God and spiritually harmful to us. I will give you a personal example of this. When I first came to Christ I felt it was not wrong to go to stores or restaurants on Sundays. However, after being in the ministry for a time I realized that I cannot expect new converts to come to church on a Sunday when people like me encourage them to work on Sundays! Also, after some year, I saw a connection in the Word of God between spiritual fornication and engaging in commerce on the Sabbath.

Much more can be said about getting into the Word of God, making it a habit of reading it and studying it. It is indeed rich with truth, blessing, comfort, power and so much more. Someone once said it was a mine, like a gold or gemstone mine, and not a museum. God will help you to understand it if you sincerely ask Him. If you invite Christ to be the center of your life He certainly will be your teacher.


[1] WilsonWilson, William: Wilson's Old Testament Word Studies (MacDonald Publishing Company, McLean, VA) p260

[2] From an electronic version of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance by James Strong incorporated in the Online Bible program, and so throughout the article whenever the ancient language is referred to and no other authority is cited.

[3] Please read “Holy Bibles Both Good And Bad” at .

[4] Learn the difference between real grace and cheap grace by reading Ultimate Love For You at .

This article was written in the form of a sermon (message) outline with comments. God willing by September 20, 2016 (hopefully much sooner), you should be able to hear the actual message (sermon) by selecting a link at .

Unless otherwise noted all Holy Scripture is from the New American Standard Bible changing LORD to YHVH as it rightly should be when the text so indicates. * = For other versions the spelling of some words is updated for our time in addition to changing LORD to YHVH as it rightly should be when the text so indicates.

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    We are truely to read or Bibles and pray everyday for this is how we will grow. If we do not read our Bibles and "forget" to pray then we will see a decline in our growth and well-being.
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      Very true Nbillett. Thanks for the submission.
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