Steps To Safety

Every now and then we might hear messages (sermons) that contain warnings of future events based upon the Word of God. It is important to know these things and to be spiritually ready. However, just as important, if not more important, is to be prepared for every day events that might try to move us off course from Christ. The Holy Word of God shows us how to be ready.
Steps To Safety
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There are numerous warnings based on the Word of God as to what will happen in hopefully not the too distant future. However, the Holy Bible also warns us to be personally ready for any trouble each day. Throughout its pages it either shows or states how to be safe when trouble occurs. One such passage is where David was moved to write by the Holy Spirit Psalm 61, and in verses one to four we will see three steps to safety. 

I. Cry Out To God    1-2

“Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer. 2  From the

end of the earth will I cry unto You, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I."

Quite a number of passages express the idea of calling or crying out to God. The Holy Bible warns against hypocritical prayer (Luke 18:11), vain repetitious prayer (Matthew 6:7), carnal prayer (James 4:3) and more. However, in our passage David is speaking of an earnest cry and, as we read the context, one that is based upon the qualities of who God is.

“Hear, O God, my loud cry, attend to my prayer.”--Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

Of a dozen possible words the Holy Spirit could have inspired David to use for the first occurrence of “cry" in our text, He chose “rinnah" (rin-naw’) meaning, “to give forth the voice with vehemence, either in joy or sorrow." {1} Given the context, it means David was in all earnestness crying out to God out due to sorrow. He meant what he was asking.

Given the times we are living in, due to the onslaught of satanic attack not just from the world in general but also in every day events that could be used to veer us away from Christ, we also must be vehement in our desire to draw near to God for both protection and fellowship. Fellowship with God should really come first. Praying, that is, sincere communication with God through Christ, is the centerpiece of true Christian living. We should be constantly communing with God. And our prayer must be an ever reverent prayer, an ever determined prayer, and an ever loving prayer.

“From the end of the land unto You I call,"

Devotionally we can derive from this that there is no real help on earth to be victoriously spiritual in anything that life might throw at us. Sure, one might overcome difficulties, solve problems, get through trouble seemingly “without God," but there is no eternal benefit from this. We must realize that our help is to come from God.

While I was typing this, just by “coincidence” I saw a quote on Facebook by Bill Johnson, pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California. Brother Johnson said, “Any area of our lives for which we have no hope is under the influence of a lie.” This truth is needed in a time when people believe politicians, doctors, lawyers, family, and friends more than they do God. Throughout my years in ministry I have seen numerous people in the prison house of disbelief. They do not believe what little of the Word of God they know. But there is always help in God through Christ.

Young‘s Literal Translation expresses “when my heart is overwhelmed" as “In the feebleness of my heart." Along with recognizing there is no real spiritual help we must also realize there is really no hope within ourselves to face what life daily throws at us and come through it the way God wants us to come through it. We are to be ever mindful of our weaknesses and of our need of Him. It is an act of humility to admit that we can do nothing within ourselves to attain to the goal and purposes that God has for us.

Both the Jewish Publication Society and the Amplified Bible bring out the sense of the Hebrew when they render “lead me to the rock that is higher than I” as a “that is too high for me.”  Since the rock would be too high for David he was confidently depending on God to get him there. Additionally, YLT has “Into a rock higher than I.” The usage of “into" instead of just “to" reminds me of the words of Christ in John 15:4-5, “Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can you, except you abide in me. 5  I am the vine, you are the branches: He that abides in me, and I in him, the same brings forth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing."

“Be therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect,” said Christ as recorded in Matthew 5:48. Outside of Christ that goal is out of reach for all of us. Because Christ perfectly kept the written and moral law of God, we can meet that goal by abiding (living) in Him and He in us. Thus we should desire more of Christ each day. By doing so, we enter into the ever present and ever powerful God, and the highest source of help.

II. Abide In Him - 3

“For You have been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy.”

Abiding in God through Christ means one has a shelter from the coldness or heat we will get from the world. The world acts cold towards a true Christian by ostracizing them in various way, ignoring them, and the like. The world turns on the heat with ridicule, lawsuits, fines, imprisonment, torture and a number of other means of persecution. By making Him our shelter, we can spiritually prosper when these things occur.

Add to this the everyday troubles and calamities we come across. We can have the undeniable peace of God as we abide in Him. This takes practice of course, but as we progress in this area we will develop that peaceable fruit of righteousness that will bring blessing now and into eternity if we remain in Him. Also, we become spiritually stronger as we remain in Him and continue to walk with Him.

When it comes to a tower, think of the fact that the higher one is the further they can see. Two major things occur when someone truly dedicates themselves to Christ: immediately the written Word of God comes to life and the spoken Word becomes more spiritually audible. By coming to Christ, one is elevated from the world system and the written and spoken Word enlightens them. The closer one is to God, the more clear things become.

Predominately there are two outside forces that would tear the true disciple away from His Lord, viz., satan {2} and the world. There is plenty warning about both in the written Word. And, as one continues to walk in Christ, they will be able to sense from the Holy Spirit any event or

movement against them by these two enemies. Regarding the world, it is often referred to as a sea in the Holy Bible. When its storm surge increases, those in the tower of God are spiritually protected from it since they tower over the tide of the world.

But the written and spoken Word also warns us about some personal events to come and that are occurring. The Holy Bible tells us all sorts of trouble will come our way as we progress in Christ. Then, there are times we will sense the Holy Spirit telling us what is about to happen or is happening. I once heard an account of a woman whose husband was away on business. One night a vision came to her mind that her husband was having an affair that evening. The vision was coupled with an inner witness to that event. Directed by the Holy Spirit she used those warnings to thwart the sinful act. The spoken Word will also alert us to things we would deem less serious than what that lady went through.

III. Trust God - 4

“I will abide in Your tabernacle for ever: I will trust in the covert of Your wings."

Most of us have had fairly decent parents so we can think back to when we were small children and realized “there was no place like home" where there was security, food, comfort, fellowship and more. Now consider the fact that by the Holy Spirit David speaks of the heavenly Father’s house, “Your tabernacle." Thanks to the finished work of Christ anyone who truly surrenders to Him can dwell in His spiritual tabernacle.

Remaining in Christ means spiritual protection from whatever might come our way. Just like a building protects us from the wind and the rain, being in God through Christ spiritually protects us from the tumult of the world and its spiritual storm surge that increases daily. Also, within His realm is spiritual nourishment that will strengthen us for present and future battles. His written Word is our food and the flowing of His Spirit drink which is especially felt during sincere private and public worship (John 6:51-58).

All of this is an ongoing process throughout our life. It must not stop. We must persevere in the face of any spiritual attack that meets us. We do not say a prayer of commitment to God through Christ one time and that is it. We should remain committed to Him every moment of our lives. It is not that we are saved by our works, but we must remain in Him and continue to walk in Him. Then, at the appointed time, God will “bring us home” and we shall abide with Him forever.

“I will trust in the covert of Your wings" is a very tender, touching picture of God being like a mother bird with baby chickens. It has been said that all the mother bird needs to do is give the signal and her chicks gather under her wings. We have already noted that God will speak to us through His written and spoken Word. We should listen and find safety under His covering. While there we will be defended from spiritual attacked and we will also be refreshed.

Means To Take These Steps To Safety

To be truly blessed as we have described begins with making sure one is truly and totally surrendered to God through Christ. Many start with “The Sinner’s Prayer.” But we must remember we must mean it everyday and put it into action no matter what. Following the above steps helps us to do that.

To follow these we should lovingly worship God every day, pray to Him continually, praise Him and learn to rejoice in Him even when things do not go our way. We should spend time reading and studying the Holy Bible {3}. Please see the link below to help you with this {4}. Learn to obey what God says through His written or spoken Word. Try to find real Christians and fellowship with them, keeping in mind to love Christ more than people and follow whatever He says despite what people say and do.


{1} Wilson, William: Wilson's Old Testament Word Studies (MacDonald Publishing Company, McLean, VA) pp 103-104

{2} Not capitalized on purpose. Experts Column gives me the freedom to express myself in that way.

{3} Read the Holy Bible online at or .

{4} Visit to learn how to understand the Holy Bible. There are four sets of principles. Click on the link that says “entire” article for each of the four lessons.

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